Appagonia - The land of apps.

One Developer On Many Markets

We work on three smartphone platforms; Android, iPhone and Windows Phone. We also work across platforms, with social activity, gaming, hardware connection and whatever the challenges are that our customers might want to engage in. By working on many platforms the buyers of our solutions can have the option to publish on the major part of the app market.

Competent Developer Group

We call us a collective of apps enthusiasts that have gathered on the internet. If you have a bold wish that does not seem to fit into your own time schedule, you are certainly welcome to discuss it with us. We will probably come up with an idea that suits all parties. Our total experience is vast and diverse. A broad perspective usually makes a difference.

User Aware Development

The most important thing for us is to make apps that users like. Constructive feedback from users give us the impetus to change the apps in the only correct direction - The direction to the future!